Visionary Fiction
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Beyond Omega’s Sunrise – Prologue

 While I wasn’t looking—and that doesn’t happen too often considering I’m the Universe—My sun traveled to a place I’d forbidden him to go. Typical of the young generation. I was powerless to do anything. By the time I got to him, he had ventured too far for Me to alter … Continue reading

Between Now And Forever – Margaret Duarte – First Chapter

Chapter One “Education is the movement from darkness to light.” Allan Bloom “We’ve got a new sub!” The short kid with the tall voice bounded into the classroom with the exuberance of a kindergartener rather than the more guarded, image-conscious demeanor of a thirteen-year-old. His backpack hit his desk with an … Continue reading

Unison – Eleni Papanou – First Chapter

RESONANCE First Incarnation Time is relevant to sound. An infinite voice sings life into this universe, and I’m but one note resonating within this expanse of boundless potential. While that’s an easy abstraction to grasp, my own potential remains elusive. After eight parallel lifetimes I’ve been adrift somewhere between struggle … Continue reading

Jessie’s Song – Eleni Papanou – First Chapter

Smoke and Stardust  Charcoal smoke surged over me in a thick stream obscuring the stars, along with the events that forced me down onto this cold, hard sidewalk. I stared into the flames streaking out of the second-story window until my senses were hypnotized, and the searing pain from the … Continue reading

Available at Amazon!

Available at Amazon!

Projected Publication: April 15, 2014

Projected Publication: December 2014
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